Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's been 5 weeks!

This week's email!  She has come so far with her Spanish.  Thank you for all the prayers. We got a chance to visit with her on Skype for Mother's Day and she spoke a little for us and she sounded awesome! She is asking for handwritten letters now.  Her mailing info is in another post on this blog. I am also getting a package together for her so if anyone would like to add something let me know! Keep the prayers coming! She loves you all!    

Mi Familia!
        Soooo this week has been amazing! I have been doing so much better with my Spanish! Im so proud of myself!
        Its getting so close to time to leave the CCM! Crazy!!!! Its weird to think about how I havent even really started my mission yet! In a week from today, I´ll have a new companion, a new home, a ward/branch and mission president to report to, and I´ll be out teaching people everyday!!! I´m so excited to get out there!!! You definitely dont go on a mission to stay in the MTC. Im so ready to get out of here! Dont get me wrong, I love it here and the CCM and I will miss it like crazy but I´ll definitely feel more useful in Chiclayo!
         Being able to talk to you all gave me the boost I need to keep moving forward with all the strength in the world!!! I love you all so much and I cant believe ive already been gone for a month!!! Yes i want letters like crazy! I love getting emails but there is just something so much more special about getting a handwritten letter from those you love!
     so about these pictures... some of them are from last week and some are from this week but they are all really important to me! I love all of the hermanas here!!! The one that is in this email is of most of us on a bus and most of the time when we get a bus its really crowded and we dont get seats but this was a really lucky day! the next one is of some of us girls in our jerseys and comfy Grajes pants haha Ive got three pairs haha the next one is just of us with our teacher at the temple and the last one is of me with a little bunny at Grajes. Grajes is a hole in the wall store with little outlits in it that have hand made stuff, clothes, pets, and shoes and stuff like that. super fun!
 Anyway... I am having a blast here and I love hearing all of your stories! keep them coming! I see more and more blessings in every email!!!
 Lots of love!!! Les Amo!!!
                                     <3 Hermana Favero
Hermana Favero's district on the bus

Street in Lima

Hermana Favero showing her love of animals

Hermana Favero at the MTC (I think)
Map at CCM

Jerseys and comfy pants (sisters in her district)
Mother's Day Skype visit

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