Monday, March 30, 2015

Kittens In The Rain

Hey everyone! How are you all!? 
The bathroom looks amazing!!! It looks so bright and happy!!! I love it!! And no more ugly counter top!! I'm so excited to see the rest of the house when all is said and done!!
How sad about Grandpa Jorgensen! He was such an amazing man!! He was so nice to all of us! He will be missed but I'm so grateful for the knowledge we have about the sealing power of the Temple! We will all see each other again! 
Way to go Kendra!!! The Hope squad sounds awesome!!! You literally amaze me! I would never have been able to do something like that in high school! You are changing lives! Keep it up! 
I'm so glad you like golf so much Kaitlyn! Just keep practicing and you will be super good for your senior year! You're amazing! 
Kagun! You're a stud!!! Work hard dude! This baseball season is gonna be the best yet! I can feel it! 
AHHH I can't believe that promenade practice has already started!! Not cool!! Ugh it kills me that I'm not there for all the excitement! Sounds like the moms are gonna make sure it's a night to remember! Tell Tori that she is amazing! You guys are gonna have a blast!

Ok so for this week....

1.  My biggest challenge this week was probably me... I've been having a hard time again. My motivation and diligence on a scale of 1-10 has probably been a 4 lately. I get better every once and a while but over all it's been a battle. However, I've definitely seen the hand of the Lord like crazy! 

2.  My biggest concern...well our biggest concern this week has been getting our goal of 100 contacts...

3.  Our biggest success was that we ended the week with 106 contacts!! We also, with that number, made the goal for the district as well!!! 

4.  My favorite person has definitely been my Father in Heaven. He is pretty amazing!!! 

5.  My most significant tender mercy this week was our kitten rescue! We were in an appointment with our investigator Norma and we were just about to leave when it stated to pour outside! We were stuck in her house for like 20 more minutes and when we were finally able to leave, the streets were like rivers! We started walking through the muddy dirt road when we heard some little meows on the side of the street. There were 4 tiny kittens drenched and scared in the muddy grass. We were with a member and we looked at each other and I told her we couldn't leave them there to die! She agreed so I grabbed two and she grabbed the other two. Hna Brogan was just behind us supervising ;P we went through water filled dirt roads to the member's house and when we got the kittens dry, we went to get a box and a towel to keep them warm. Now we are looking for someone to take the poor things home. 
I know that our Heavenly Father answered my prayer! 

6.  Something I'm looking forward to this week is General Conference! Its gonna be amazing!!!

7.  My big goal this week for myself is gonna be to replace bad, negative thoughts with good, positive ones. I've gotta start feeling better! 6 months isn't much time and I wanna enjoy it! 

8.  My scripture this week was D&C 84:88. it always makes me feel better when I'm having a hard time. 
Well I'm off for this week. I love you all sooo much!! I hope you all have an amazing week!!!!

She still loves monkeys! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Crazy lady and locked doors

This week has been kinda crazy! I'll jut explain in my answers to your questions…
1.       My biggest challenge…ummm well we had a pretty good week. Im not sure anything was too challenging lol
2.       My biggest concern…well on Saturday, we got back to our room from a family home evening and I realized we left the keys to the door on the inside on the table haha so we asked our land lady to help us out so she went in to find her spare key and couldn’t find the right one so we were out in the misty rain for about an hour. After 10 at night by the way. So our bishop comes out to see what's going on and his daughter had this awesome idea to get a chair and a broom and open the door from the inside through the open window above the door. It was awesome! I was sooo upset at myself so we just went straight to bed that night haha today we went to make copies of our key haha now we won't have problems!
3.   Biggest success this week has to be the two awesome families we found! Zoila and her three kids, and Maria and her two kids. They all seem sooo interested in the gospel! Keep them in your prayers! :)
4.   My favorite person this week has got to be the crazy lady who lives on our street! Apparently she is like man crazy or something. She is so unstable that they took her to Chiclayo today cuz there isn't anything here for crazy people. She has made life pretty fun!
5.  My biggest tender mercy was probably the small revelation I got this week about what I am supposed to do with my life in the future. Let's just say I need to really get involved with animals and MDA! I'll tell details when I get home!
6.  Something I'm looking forward to this coming week is just teaching the new people we have found! It's gonna be great!!!
7.  New goal...100 contacts. That's gonna be a hard one! But with the help of God it's not impossible!
8.  My favorite scripture this week was Alma 36:3-25 It just felt like it was straight to me! I love it!!! 
So I don't have a way to send pics this week but I will next week!  I love you more !!! Have an awesome week!!!!

                    Con amor, Hna Favero

Monday, March 9, 2015

11 months!

Hola Familia!!!
 I can't believe you fell Mommy!!! Whatever happened to "don't stand on the counter! You'll fall!" when we were younger?:P  I would have freaked out too! I hope you're feeling better! I'm so excited to see the house! 

WOW the new missionary sounds awesome!! I've found that the missionaries who involve the members has so much more success than a missionary who just goes to the dinner appointments and only leaves a little message. Working with the ward is so stinking important!
I'm not sure if I'm ok with Kagun growing up so fast! He needs to stop!!! 
I'm so proud of Kaitlyn!! That's exactly what she needs to do!! Don't give up, Just stand up!! 

I'm sooo happy that Destinee has been going to church! Tell her to write me!!! 

Ok now for the questions!
1. My biggest challenge this week was probably when my comp was having a hard time. She has been really stressed lately. She has gotten a ton better but it was tough while it lasted. 

2. My biggest success was probably finding Natali this week! She was an old contact and we decided to go search for her. She is 20 years old with a little baby boy and she is super sweet!  We had a lesson with her yesterday and she said yes to our baptismal invitation! I could see her progressing soo much! 

3. My favorite person this week was probably Hna Kennedy! We had exchanges this week and just being able to teach with her in the real thing was awesome!! She and I caught up and I felt like I really have progressed! I just love her! 

4. Tender mercy was probably getting these two letters in the mail! One is from Elizabeth Martinson and Hannah Hill! They warmed my heart and made me feel super loved !!! I remember writing to missionaries when I was little and now I'm the one being written to! It was the best surprise in the world!!! 

5. Something I'm looking forward to this next coming week is probably teaching the three investigators we have who are potentially progressing. I really hope everything goes well with them! 

6. My goal for next week is going to be just to try to come up with better invitation questions for our lessons. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a broken record and I need to get out of that rut haha

7. My favorite scripture this week was probably D&C 84:82-85. It helped my companion and I this week! 
 Well thats all for this week I hope everyone is well and I hope you know that I love you to the moon and back!!! Stay strong!!  I love you more!!! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Childhood songs

Yeah so I still run around singing Barney, Dragon Tales, and Sesame Street songs haha :P
So my birthday was fun! We went to a really pretty garden place and then to the welcome to Jaen sign to take pics then we went to the pension of the elders and made cookies!! My pension didn't do anything but that's alright. It was a very nice and relaxing birthday! 
Throughout the week we didn't have a ton happen. We did end up getting the elders to eat the hottest peppers ever! It was sooo funny!!! 

We are teaching this lady named Cecilia and she is really cool! She has some problems with her boyfriend who lives with her (common occurence here) so it's gonna be a toughy. We can do it tho!! She also has a hard time with prayer. We keep telling her that God loves her and that she will see blessings if she starts to do it so I hope she starts to progress a little more. 

Jose, the man we have been working with will hit one year of being taught by the sisters in April so we decided that it's probably best if he goes to the elders. It was sooo hard to make that decision but we really have to think of the people and their salvation before us. He will make it! I know it! 
Anywhoo this week is kinda short but I want you all to know that you are all amazing and that I love you sooo much!! Never forget that God loves you!!!! 

This is the scent of the air fresheners we use at home.  She said, "Now I can smell home!"
We have been so blessed.  Every package we have sent has gone straight to her without any problems!