Monday, March 30, 2015

Kittens In The Rain

Hey everyone! How are you all!? 
The bathroom looks amazing!!! It looks so bright and happy!!! I love it!! And no more ugly counter top!! I'm so excited to see the rest of the house when all is said and done!!
How sad about Grandpa Jorgensen! He was such an amazing man!! He was so nice to all of us! He will be missed but I'm so grateful for the knowledge we have about the sealing power of the Temple! We will all see each other again! 
Way to go Kendra!!! The Hope squad sounds awesome!!! You literally amaze me! I would never have been able to do something like that in high school! You are changing lives! Keep it up! 
I'm so glad you like golf so much Kaitlyn! Just keep practicing and you will be super good for your senior year! You're amazing! 
Kagun! You're a stud!!! Work hard dude! This baseball season is gonna be the best yet! I can feel it! 
AHHH I can't believe that promenade practice has already started!! Not cool!! Ugh it kills me that I'm not there for all the excitement! Sounds like the moms are gonna make sure it's a night to remember! Tell Tori that she is amazing! You guys are gonna have a blast!

Ok so for this week....

1.  My biggest challenge this week was probably me... I've been having a hard time again. My motivation and diligence on a scale of 1-10 has probably been a 4 lately. I get better every once and a while but over all it's been a battle. However, I've definitely seen the hand of the Lord like crazy! 

2.  My biggest concern...well our biggest concern this week has been getting our goal of 100 contacts...

3.  Our biggest success was that we ended the week with 106 contacts!! We also, with that number, made the goal for the district as well!!! 

4.  My favorite person has definitely been my Father in Heaven. He is pretty amazing!!! 

5.  My most significant tender mercy this week was our kitten rescue! We were in an appointment with our investigator Norma and we were just about to leave when it stated to pour outside! We were stuck in her house for like 20 more minutes and when we were finally able to leave, the streets were like rivers! We started walking through the muddy dirt road when we heard some little meows on the side of the street. There were 4 tiny kittens drenched and scared in the muddy grass. We were with a member and we looked at each other and I told her we couldn't leave them there to die! She agreed so I grabbed two and she grabbed the other two. Hna Brogan was just behind us supervising ;P we went through water filled dirt roads to the member's house and when we got the kittens dry, we went to get a box and a towel to keep them warm. Now we are looking for someone to take the poor things home. 
I know that our Heavenly Father answered my prayer! 

6.  Something I'm looking forward to this week is General Conference! Its gonna be amazing!!!

7.  My big goal this week for myself is gonna be to replace bad, negative thoughts with good, positive ones. I've gotta start feeling better! 6 months isn't much time and I wanna enjoy it! 

8.  My scripture this week was D&C 84:88. it always makes me feel better when I'm having a hard time. 
Well I'm off for this week. I love you all sooo much!! I hope you all have an amazing week!!!!

She still loves monkeys! 

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