Monday, March 16, 2015

Crazy lady and locked doors

This week has been kinda crazy! I'll jut explain in my answers to your questions…
1.       My biggest challenge…ummm well we had a pretty good week. Im not sure anything was too challenging lol
2.       My biggest concern…well on Saturday, we got back to our room from a family home evening and I realized we left the keys to the door on the inside on the table haha so we asked our land lady to help us out so she went in to find her spare key and couldn’t find the right one so we were out in the misty rain for about an hour. After 10 at night by the way. So our bishop comes out to see what's going on and his daughter had this awesome idea to get a chair and a broom and open the door from the inside through the open window above the door. It was awesome! I was sooo upset at myself so we just went straight to bed that night haha today we went to make copies of our key haha now we won't have problems!
3.   Biggest success this week has to be the two awesome families we found! Zoila and her three kids, and Maria and her two kids. They all seem sooo interested in the gospel! Keep them in your prayers! :)
4.   My favorite person this week has got to be the crazy lady who lives on our street! Apparently she is like man crazy or something. She is so unstable that they took her to Chiclayo today cuz there isn't anything here for crazy people. She has made life pretty fun!
5.  My biggest tender mercy was probably the small revelation I got this week about what I am supposed to do with my life in the future. Let's just say I need to really get involved with animals and MDA! I'll tell details when I get home!
6.  Something I'm looking forward to this coming week is just teaching the new people we have found! It's gonna be great!!!
7.  New goal...100 contacts. That's gonna be a hard one! But with the help of God it's not impossible!
8.  My favorite scripture this week was Alma 36:3-25 It just felt like it was straight to me! I love it!!! 
So I don't have a way to send pics this week but I will next week!  I love you more !!! Have an awesome week!!!!

                    Con amor, Hna Favero

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