Monday, June 30, 2014

New companion and KFC!

Familia y amigos!

Wow this week was hard! I really hope that changing comps won't be this hard in the future!

Mi nueva compi is Hermana Meneses. She is from Lima and she is 26 years old . We have so many differences its crazy! Hna Torrres and I have so much in common so to go from that to this has been difficult. The biggest thing for me to get used to is the way she teaches. The way she teaches me and the way she teaches our investigators. I think that she feels like I should know more Spanish. I'm her first North American comp so she knows absolutely no English! Goodness I knew this would be hard but it's seriously like nothing else!

I'm really trying to use this time to get closer to my Heavenly Father. I know that I will come out a better person in the end. It really helps knowing that I have so many people back home praying for me!

I have recieved two of grandmas letters, one from Sue and one from Steven. Grandma's response should be getting to her soon and I'm still working on Sue's . But I still haven't gotten my package. It'll come, no worries.

I absolutely loved seeing all of the pics from the party! I hope everyone is doing amazing! So the email that Uncle Andy gave me doesn't work. Will you guys tell him or Aunt Kim to email me so that I have it? please and thank you ! :P

I'm so excited to see the pics of all of the changes to the house! It'll be sweet!

So today , for pday, we went to this big shopping place called el mercado modelo. Mama Julia went with us cuz it's not safe to go alone . She was so cute, I was the only one with a bag ( I had all of hermana menesess stuff in mine) and mama Julie was like my body guard. There are lots of people here who like to steal things. Especially from white people lol. She is such an amazing lady! Then we went to this huge mall! It was like I stepped back into the US for an hour and a half lol. We went shopping for the things we needed and then we went to eat at KFC!!!! The whole time I was thinking about Mommy!

The pics are of the surprise hna Torres left for me one night to wake up to for my first month in the field, when she left, our penconista and her family, and today.

I'm off for now but I love you all sooooooo much! I hope you have an amazing week! Con mucho mucho amor! Hermana Favero


Hermana Meneses (new companion) and Mama Julia

Mama Julia, Hermana Favero and  Hermana Meneses

Saying goodbye to Hermana Torres with their penconista and her family

Goodbye Hermana Torres

Monday, June 23, 2014

"Bump in the road"

Mi Familia!


So... I still haven't gotten my package. But I know that it will either come to me or go back to you.

I am so excited for Jenna! She will be such an amazing missionary! Im so glad you all are able to spend so much time with her!

Mommy, I am so extremely proud of you! you are such an example to me! Thank you for being you!

Wow tell Jared I said he is a nerd haha Gosh I hope he goes on a mission lol

I'm so excited to see Kendras musical! I'm sure she is doing absolutely amazing in it!

So I totally want to do the discoverthebook thing! I'll send you a pic next week and you guys can put it on my Fbook and insta!

So... for this week... WOW! This week was tough! Hermana Torres and I will no longer be companions as of this Wednesday...

When it came time for transfers last week we thought that we were safe because I'm still in my training, but our elders found us after the meeting and told us that we were needed at the mission office. They told us that we would be gaining a new companion. We were both freaking out inside! Our room was a mess and it is super duper small. We weren't told anything beforehand.

When we got to the chapel we found our new companion and then Pres Risso took Hermana Torres into his office. When she came back out she was bawling! My stomach dropped. When she finally told me what happened, she said that there are problems with her visa and they are going to have to change her mission. We didn't know where or when just that its not in Peru. Five missionaries in the Chiclayo mission, and 180 in Peru from Central America have to change their missions.

We found out on Friday that she will be going to Ecuador on Wednesday. I am extremely sad! Ella es mi mama de mi mision! Well I guess I'm starting yet another huge bump in the road of my mission. There are days (lots this week) where all I want to do is quit and go home. Yesterday was one of those days. But I remember what Pres Orgill said to me before I left. Even though I'm thousands of miles away, he still helps me feel better! Tell him thank you and that he should email me!

Any whoo I'm off for this week I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you sooooooooooo much!

Con amor, Hermana Favero

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sickness and Priesthood Blessings

Wow this week went fast! I think I say that every week! How is everyone!? Gosh I'm always so happy to get to email you all!

So my feet are much better! They are healing really fast! You guys are the best for getting me new shoes! and Neil is the best for suggesting them! I love that you dont want to stop mothering me Mommy! I need it! :P

Tell Autumn that I am very happy for her and that I said congrats! Crazy how many of my friends are already or are soon to be married!

Give Tinky a kiss for me...if she will let you and tell her that I'm sorry about the torture. I'm sure she went back to normal within the next few days. It's so good to hear about Indy! Tell daddy I totally understand! I would feel the same way!

I loved seeing the pics of the Truck Rodeo! I'm so glad you went Mommy! It looked like you all had a ton of fun! Im sad I missed it!

I still haven't recieved the package but I'm sure I will. No worries.

So my ward is awesone! We are pretty big too! Everyone is so extremely loving! This last Friday, I got pretty sick and we had a fun ward mission night we were supposed to go to but Hermana Torres and I weren't able to go. The next day, almost every member we saw gabe me a huge hug (who could) and asked me how I was doing. Mommy, you don't have to worry, I have a ton of people here lined up to take care of me! First is my pensionista! She brought me food and warm drinks and she even went out to buy me pills to get rid of my feaver! Then at the end of the night her son called and wanted to make sure I was alright for the night. He is so cool! A couple of days ago he told mi compi and I that we are angels and that we are the best thing for this ward. Its things like that that keep me going!

Also, The elders came over to give me a blessing! The Priesthood is soo powerful! I was completely better the next day! I love it!

Today we said goodbye to the missionaries who are going home tomorrow. So many missionaries were there and I finally got to see Hermana Kennedy!!! We were sooo happy! In fact, our whole group from the CCM was there! what an awesome reunion!

Anywhoo, I will go for now but I love you all soooooo much! Hope you have an amazing week!!!!!

Con mucho mucho amor!!! Hermana Favero

reunion with Hermana Kennedy

in bed sick

Just like at home

with Hermana Torres and the Elders


I believe this is one of those bike taxi things

trip to Tucume



Monday, June 9, 2014

Grateful For Family

¡Mi Familia!

¿Como Están? Estoy muy Feliz que es P-day! Cada día aquí en Chiclayo es muy despacio pero cada semana es muy rápido!

Ok, back to English haha.

Mommy, thank you so much for sending me stuff! I haven't gotten anything yet but I'm super excited about it! I'm sure Hermana Torres is really anoyed with me about it haha!

Tell Dr Partridge I say hello! I will definitely keep Kaitlyn in my prayers! I'm sure she is scared to death! I wish I could be there for her!!!

I'm so grateful for today's technology and that I'm able to hear about your week every Monday! Im not able to write back about everything but know that I read it and I love every word!

So this week wasn't all that exciting. We didn't have all that many lessons. No one was home and the ones that were didn't want to visit with us. We did, however, have to be very careful last night. Apparently here in Chiclayo, Sunday nights are for parties and drinking. We had to change our route for everything because there were little groups and big parties with drunk men everywhere! Super scary and exciting!

Today was super fun! We had P-day de zona. Our whole zone went to Tucume. Tucume is a museum all about the Incas in this area. I took lots of pics but I'm not able to upload them this week. I'll definitely get them to you next week! Well, Im gonna try to email everyone a little bit now so until next week... I love you all sooo much! You're in my prayers constantly! Stay safe! and have an amazing week!!!! Con Amor! Hermana Favero


Dear Mommy,

Gosh! You really know how to make me cry! Im so grateful for the time I had with grandpa and Uncle Walt! Im not able to listen to music so I won't ever hear any of grandpa's songs but almost every time I need a boost, a plane or jet flies by! Its a perfect sub for his songs! I haven't heard any Selena songs since I told you about it but I'm also so grateful for the time I had with grandma and that she gave me so many special gifts! The love of Disney, LeAnn Rimes, Selena and so much more! Thank you for allowing me to have them in my life so much!

I love you soooo much and I probably think about you and the family too much. I cant help it! you guys mean EVERYTHING to me! Being here has really made me realize how much I have! you all are so specian! I hope you know That! I love you and I hope you have an amazing week! Thank youy for all of the pictures!!! I love them so much!!!!

Your baby girl

Monday, June 2, 2014

Baptisms and Blisters


 First of all, I want to say that I'm so sorry about Alax! When I read about him I broke down! We have lost way too many young people in our small town.

Second, I'm so proud of you Mommy! Your new calling is perfect for you! Enjoy it and remember to thank our Heavenly Father for the opportunity every day! 

Third, I'm so glad that we decided to do a blog! It's so cool that so many people are able to see it! I'll try to send exciting stuff so you can put them up!

Fourth, I can't believe you're moving into my room! I really am fine with it, its just weird to think about it not being my room anymore! Wow! A lot will be different when I get home! 

Last but not friends...I will try to email them every week but one hour goes by really fast and I also have to write Pres. Risso. So please watch over them. Invite them over once in a while for activities over the summer. I know that that will help. 

Now, for my week...
 Wow this week went by fast! We had two baptisms! One was for 11 year old Evelin and the other for 56 year old Hubert. Evelin's was so great! Her mom isn't a member but she came and she cried as her daughter walked into the font! Hubert's was crazy! We had everything ready in the chapel and we started the water about one hour early. When it came time to start, there was only about 5 inches in the font! We all started to panic a little bit. Then the Elders got an idea. We all piled into a small van and headed to a nearby river. Yep! my second baptism was in a river! Super windy and dusty, but the spirit was so strong! 
Goodness! I love this work! Its the hardest thing in the whole world for me but I know that Heavenly Father will always help me through it! I know that our Savior lives and that he is always there with his hand outstreched for us. All we need to do is take it. I love you all so much! I hope you have an amazing week!!!! 
                                        Con amor! Hermana Favero  

 El campo de misional es asombroso! Yo quero ayudar todas las personas aqui en Chiclayo! Yo tengo muchas amor para cada uno aqui! Gracias por tu ejemplo!
This past week was very difficult! The language barrier is hitting me hard. I get really frustrated at myself and even though I don't say it out loud, sometimes I think about just quitting. BUT then your stories come to mind and I know that I can get though it. So thank you for telling all of your mission stories to us throughout the years! 
Ok so I have a request. Its kind of corny but I don't care. The day before I left, you told me to remember that we look into the same sky. well... At 7.00 every night, I want you and whoever else that wants to, to go outside and look up at the sky and think of me. I'll do it too so I will know that we are looking up together. 
 Thank you so much for everything you do and for being such an amazing father! I love you so much and I hope you have an amazing week! 
                                          Con Amor, Hermana Favero

Evelin's baptism

Hubert's baptism

river where Hubert was baptized

She shouldn't send pictures like this to her mother haha

Peruvian ice cream