Monday, June 30, 2014

New companion and KFC!

Familia y amigos!

Wow this week was hard! I really hope that changing comps won't be this hard in the future!

Mi nueva compi is Hermana Meneses. She is from Lima and she is 26 years old . We have so many differences its crazy! Hna Torrres and I have so much in common so to go from that to this has been difficult. The biggest thing for me to get used to is the way she teaches. The way she teaches me and the way she teaches our investigators. I think that she feels like I should know more Spanish. I'm her first North American comp so she knows absolutely no English! Goodness I knew this would be hard but it's seriously like nothing else!

I'm really trying to use this time to get closer to my Heavenly Father. I know that I will come out a better person in the end. It really helps knowing that I have so many people back home praying for me!

I have recieved two of grandmas letters, one from Sue and one from Steven. Grandma's response should be getting to her soon and I'm still working on Sue's . But I still haven't gotten my package. It'll come, no worries.

I absolutely loved seeing all of the pics from the party! I hope everyone is doing amazing! So the email that Uncle Andy gave me doesn't work. Will you guys tell him or Aunt Kim to email me so that I have it? please and thank you ! :P

I'm so excited to see the pics of all of the changes to the house! It'll be sweet!

So today , for pday, we went to this big shopping place called el mercado modelo. Mama Julia went with us cuz it's not safe to go alone . She was so cute, I was the only one with a bag ( I had all of hermana menesess stuff in mine) and mama Julie was like my body guard. There are lots of people here who like to steal things. Especially from white people lol. She is such an amazing lady! Then we went to this huge mall! It was like I stepped back into the US for an hour and a half lol. We went shopping for the things we needed and then we went to eat at KFC!!!! The whole time I was thinking about Mommy!

The pics are of the surprise hna Torres left for me one night to wake up to for my first month in the field, when she left, our penconista and her family, and today.

I'm off for now but I love you all sooooooo much! I hope you have an amazing week! Con mucho mucho amor! Hermana Favero


Hermana Meneses (new companion) and Mama Julia

Mama Julia, Hermana Favero and  Hermana Meneses

Saying goodbye to Hermana Torres with their penconista and her family

Goodbye Hermana Torres

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  1. Love your letters. We do pray for you. Just remember, "I can do hard things". You are so choice and special. Love, the Browns