Monday, June 9, 2014

Grateful For Family

¡Mi Familia!

¿Como Están? Estoy muy Feliz que es P-day! Cada día aquí en Chiclayo es muy despacio pero cada semana es muy rápido!

Ok, back to English haha.

Mommy, thank you so much for sending me stuff! I haven't gotten anything yet but I'm super excited about it! I'm sure Hermana Torres is really anoyed with me about it haha!

Tell Dr Partridge I say hello! I will definitely keep Kaitlyn in my prayers! I'm sure she is scared to death! I wish I could be there for her!!!

I'm so grateful for today's technology and that I'm able to hear about your week every Monday! Im not able to write back about everything but know that I read it and I love every word!

So this week wasn't all that exciting. We didn't have all that many lessons. No one was home and the ones that were didn't want to visit with us. We did, however, have to be very careful last night. Apparently here in Chiclayo, Sunday nights are for parties and drinking. We had to change our route for everything because there were little groups and big parties with drunk men everywhere! Super scary and exciting!

Today was super fun! We had P-day de zona. Our whole zone went to Tucume. Tucume is a museum all about the Incas in this area. I took lots of pics but I'm not able to upload them this week. I'll definitely get them to you next week! Well, Im gonna try to email everyone a little bit now so until next week... I love you all sooo much! You're in my prayers constantly! Stay safe! and have an amazing week!!!! Con Amor! Hermana Favero


Dear Mommy,

Gosh! You really know how to make me cry! Im so grateful for the time I had with grandpa and Uncle Walt! Im not able to listen to music so I won't ever hear any of grandpa's songs but almost every time I need a boost, a plane or jet flies by! Its a perfect sub for his songs! I haven't heard any Selena songs since I told you about it but I'm also so grateful for the time I had with grandma and that she gave me so many special gifts! The love of Disney, LeAnn Rimes, Selena and so much more! Thank you for allowing me to have them in my life so much!

I love you soooo much and I probably think about you and the family too much. I cant help it! you guys mean EVERYTHING to me! Being here has really made me realize how much I have! you all are so specian! I hope you know That! I love you and I hope you have an amazing week! Thank youy for all of the pictures!!! I love them so much!!!!

Your baby girl

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