Monday, January 26, 2015

Teaching the Children


So I’m not sure how long it will take for the package to get to me. Usually the zone leaders only go down to Chiclayo once a month for their leadership meetings so most likely I won’t get it for my birthday.  But that’s okay lol I’m so glad I will be able to email on my birthday! I probably won’t write a long one that day. I just want to talk to you guys!

It’s crazy how much is going on with all the missionaries having to go home! Even here Pres. Williams has sent a lot of missionaries home for health reasons. I’m very grateful I don’t have problems in that way but I do know that everything happens for a reason.

So I’ve decided that I would be extremely happy to go home to a new house but it would be super strange to go home to a new ward! I love the people in our ward! 

I’m so excited for Seth!!!! He is going to be such an amazing missionary!!! I’m not going to be the only one in our family out on a mission now!!! It’s cool to think about the little crazy kid who ran around grandma and grandpa's house with an Indian chief headdress out on a mission! Sooo cool how life with the gospel works!

So about the Trujillo Temple; I don’t know if you guys knew this already but our mission will be split in July. They will be taking Cajamarca out of the Chiclayo mission and splitting the Trujillo mission to make a Trujillo Norte and a Trujillo Sur mission. They will be taking 50 missionaries out of our mission and putting them into the new one. No one knows who will be going yet though.  I have no idea if
we will be a part of the temple dedication or not yet but there’s a chance I could end up in the mission with the temple! Which would be awesome!!!  I miss the temple sooo bad!!!

So I would be sooo stinking grateful if you would talk to Drew Allen for me!!! That makes me super excited!!! And weird to think about that time in my life! I feel like my life is missionary work! Hna Brogan and I were talking this week about how the mission is like life here on earth… We kinda forget about our life before, we know we had life before but
its kinda fuzzy. This time in the mission is where we learn and grow and gain experience for after this time and its really hard to comprehend what life will be like after. We know we will have blessings but its hard to see. Sometimes I feel like it will never end :P

So this week was kinda uneventful. We did however get swarmed by a bunch of kids asking what random words mean in English. I’ve always kind of dreamt of that happening to me. It was sooo cool how happy we were making them just by telling them English words! I really felt like a follower of Christ at that moment! I love being a missionary!!!

Well hopefully I'll have a little more exciting things to tell you
next week but I hope all is well! I love you all sooo much and I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015



I'm so sorry I have been so bad with writing! I think I'm going to cut back on pics a bit and strictly write. You all deserve so much more. And I know that the things I am going through right now could help you in your hard times.

On Monday of last week I started this email after searching for about two hours for a place to eat. Every place we went to was closed so we decided to just settle for going to a bakery and getting little baked goods, such a healthy lunch huh :P

Pday ended up being just a chill out day. To end it all we went to see the Viajitos and my goodness they are fun! We decided to watch a video from the D&C series and the whole time, they were all like, "Oh he is Joseph huh!"  Or, "They killed him didn’t they!?" Three of them are members and the rest are investigating. And they are all sooo funny!

Tuesday in my personal study I started reading D&C backwards, kinda odd but I like to mix things up haha. In section 138, it talks about a vision that Pres. Joseph F Smith saw about the spirit world and how the people there who didn’t have the opportunity to receive the gospel in their lives here are able to learn there. In verses 38-49 it talks about all of the “heavenly missionaries” as I like to call them and how they were prepared by Christ when he died to preach the gospel to the people in spirit prison. Then in verse 56 it talks about how “many others received their first lessons in the world of spirits and were prepared to come forth in the due time of The Lord to labor in his vineyard for the salvation of the souls of men.”
That totally means us! We were being prepared from before birth to he here and share this good news to our brothers and sisters. How special is that! ?

Thursday we had bad luck with finding people in their homes. We had the whole day planned out and no one was available to visit. We basically spent the whole day walking around just searching for someone to have a lesson with. Then the night came and went to the noche misional. We played jeopardy and all of us missionaries had a topic. I had name that tune so I had to think of songs that one of the people had to hum  and the rest of their team had to guess what song it was. It turned out really fun!

Saturday was very special for me. We are teaching an older man named Jose and he has been listening to the sisters for almost 9 months now! He has all the lessons needed for baptism and then some and he goes to church every Sunday. The only problem of his is that he and his girlfriend aren’t married. He wants to get married soo bad so that he can get baptized but his girlfriend won't do it. She refuses to marry him and it hurts him because he wants the blessings of baptism in his life more than everything else. Well we went to visit him and he had read the homework we gave him which was Moroni 7. The things he got out of it were mostly the verses about baptism. He kept asking us, "What can I do? What am I missing?" I told him that God works in his own time and in his own way. I told him that sometimes  God gives us trials and wants us to work hard to do his will to see how faithful we are. I also told him that maybe there are a few things he still needs to make better and once he starts doing those things maybe God will soften the heart of his wife. When we left he was his happy self again and he said “thank you sisters. I knew you would tell me something that would help me feel better. I’ll start giving more to The Lord.”
I really think I learn more from the people we teach than they do from me!

Then Sunday we got to talk in sacrament meeting. First time for me and Hna Brogan! You could say I was a nervous wreck! Lol
After church everyone told us both “Hna Brogan your Spanish has gotten so much better! Hna Favero! You were so nervous!” so yeah that part of me will never go away! :P

Today we went on a hike to a water fall! It was sooo beautiful and I'm super tired now! But it was such a blast!

Anywhoo I hope all is well with you all and that you all know how much I love you! Have a great week and remember that God loves you!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Nine months down, nine to go!!

So this week was crazy!!! 
After Hermana Fairchild left I was in a trio from Monday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon with Hna Blackburn and her companion. We were in their area on Monday and Tuesday morning and then came to my area and boy was that an adventure! 
So because Hna Fairchild was injured, I only had 5 full days to get to know my area. So you could say I was completely lost. We struggled through that day and then I found out that Hna Fairchild's foot is fractured! She has to stay in Chiclayo and my new companion would be here the next day. I was sad and worried about it all, first of all cuz she is hurt and second because I didn't know the area to save my life! Then my comp got here the next day.
So my new comp is Hna Brogan. She is from Cali and the same group as Hna Fairchild so I'm finishing her training too haha. She is such a humble and spiritual person and I know when I get done with this companionship, I will be a stronger person spiritually! 
I don't have a lot of time this week cuz the internet has been crazy but I love you all sooo much!!! Have an amazing week! Oh and about the pics haha everyone does this when they hit half way so I thought I probably should haha
 Les amo!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Without a Companion!

 Next week I promise I'll send you one with so much more. So today, I lost my comp... She had to go to Chiclayo for her foot and we don't know if she will be coming back. I hope she will but if not I'll be getting another comp. I'll explain more next week when things are more sure and I'll send more pics. The one is of my guinea pig I ate. Super sad but it was quite tasty haha :P ANywhoo I love you sooo much  until next week!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hermana Favero sent a few pics last Thursday, but no e-mail. 

They're so beautiful!