Monday, January 26, 2015

Teaching the Children


So I’m not sure how long it will take for the package to get to me. Usually the zone leaders only go down to Chiclayo once a month for their leadership meetings so most likely I won’t get it for my birthday.  But that’s okay lol I’m so glad I will be able to email on my birthday! I probably won’t write a long one that day. I just want to talk to you guys!

It’s crazy how much is going on with all the missionaries having to go home! Even here Pres. Williams has sent a lot of missionaries home for health reasons. I’m very grateful I don’t have problems in that way but I do know that everything happens for a reason.

So I’ve decided that I would be extremely happy to go home to a new house but it would be super strange to go home to a new ward! I love the people in our ward! 

I’m so excited for Seth!!!! He is going to be such an amazing missionary!!! I’m not going to be the only one in our family out on a mission now!!! It’s cool to think about the little crazy kid who ran around grandma and grandpa's house with an Indian chief headdress out on a mission! Sooo cool how life with the gospel works!

So about the Trujillo Temple; I don’t know if you guys knew this already but our mission will be split in July. They will be taking Cajamarca out of the Chiclayo mission and splitting the Trujillo mission to make a Trujillo Norte and a Trujillo Sur mission. They will be taking 50 missionaries out of our mission and putting them into the new one. No one knows who will be going yet though.  I have no idea if
we will be a part of the temple dedication or not yet but there’s a chance I could end up in the mission with the temple! Which would be awesome!!!  I miss the temple sooo bad!!!

So I would be sooo stinking grateful if you would talk to Drew Allen for me!!! That makes me super excited!!! And weird to think about that time in my life! I feel like my life is missionary work! Hna Brogan and I were talking this week about how the mission is like life here on earth… We kinda forget about our life before, we know we had life before but
its kinda fuzzy. This time in the mission is where we learn and grow and gain experience for after this time and its really hard to comprehend what life will be like after. We know we will have blessings but its hard to see. Sometimes I feel like it will never end :P

So this week was kinda uneventful. We did however get swarmed by a bunch of kids asking what random words mean in English. I’ve always kind of dreamt of that happening to me. It was sooo cool how happy we were making them just by telling them English words! I really felt like a follower of Christ at that moment! I love being a missionary!!!

Well hopefully I'll have a little more exciting things to tell you
next week but I hope all is well! I love you all sooo much and I hope you have an amazing week!!!

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