Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh the joys of adjusting to a foreign country.

Ok so I left my paper with all that I wanted to write to you in my apartment but I want to introduce you to my "daughter" haha. This is Hna Rochette and she is from Idaho. She doesn't know very much Spanish yet, just like I was when I started but she is awesome! We have been working super hard and I am extremely happy!!!! I really needed this change and I needed to have this challenge in my life at this time. I am forced to talk and I'm forced to know the lessons so I am feeling the Spirit work through me so strongly! I'm sooooo grateful for this experience!

I'm super happy that Kagun got his Arrow of Light!!!!!! I'm super proud of him!!!!!And the band!!!! I can't believe they got first on their first comp!!!!! I'm sooo happy for them! And Kendra was down there with the drum majors!!!! AHHH so much is happening and I'm here haha but it's alright I'm fine with it. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! I'm sorry I don't have my paper to write a longer email but I promise that I'll get it to you next week! Here are some pics of me at the big Chiclayo sign and one of DR Pepper which was the first time I'd seen it in Peru haha and then the weird thing going on with my face, don't worry :P 

I've got some sort of allergy but the doctor didn't tell me what it is. All he did was give me creams and antibiotics. I've got bug bites all over my bottom and legs too. I've had all this for more than a month now. Its getting better slowly but its annoying. 

Hermana Favero and her companion Hermana Rochette.  This picture was taken after she went to the doctor for her problem with her face, looks a lot better.

Peru has been kinda rough on her.

Watermelon on the shelf! haha

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Companion!

So Hermana Favero started her little chat with me by asking me if I was ready to be a grandma! Of course I knew she was messing with me.  It was her way of telling me that she is going to be getting a brand new companion straight from the MTC.  Hermana Favero will be training her! This new comp is also from the US!! She is so excited and we are so happy for her.  This is the really short email she sent today:

I got the Bleazard`s package! And this week Hna Waite and I had exchanges! Together again but in the field! Super fun!!!!!! Sorry for the shortness this week I'm just all over the place because my comp has to say bye to everyone. I'll write more next week I promise. 

Package from the Bleazards

exchanges with Hermana Waite

Monday, September 15, 2014


Hermana Favero spent her computer time chatting with her family today so we didn't get a very long email.  She mentioned to me, while we were chatting, that she doesn't think she will be transferred but if she is it will be next Tuesday.  She also mentioned she was happy to get out of her area for the day and go to the beach.  She was getting a little stir crazy and she has always loved the beach.  Here is her email:

This pday we went FISHING!!!! Super fun! We went to the beach and fished off the pier!!! I don't have a lot to write about this week but I am doing really good and I am making tons of great memories!!! I hope all is well with you guys! I want to hear from everyone!!! I love you all so much! I hope you have an amazing week!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hermana Favero decided to write this email in Spanish! The little stinker!

Esta semana empezamos a tomar desayuno en nuestro cuarto! Estamos lejos de nuestro pensión entonces compramos lo que queremos y comemos tranquilas!  También esta semana teníamos una pollada para una pareja! Ellos quieren casarse para poder bautizarse pero no tienen mucho dinero para hacerlo. Ellos hacían pollo para vender y nosotros les ayudamos! Super chevere! El últimos son de la aniversario de La Victoria! tomamos fotos en la parque con una ancla y una tanque para Kagun y con las cosas de la feria! son recuerdos que nunca voy a olvidar! 
 Espero que todos están bien y que todos están feliz! 
  Les amo muchísimo!!!!   

Here is how it translated:

This week we started to have breakfast in our room! We are far from our pension we buy what we want and eat quiet! Also this week we had a brood for a couple! They want to marry baptized but do not have much money to do so. They had chicken to sell and we help them! Super chevere! The latter are of the anniversary of the Victory! take photos in the park with a anchor and a tank Kagun and the things of the show! They are memories that I will never forget!
I hope all is well and everyone is happy!
We love you so much !!!!

I get the feeling she really loves coming across little bits of America!

BBQ Peruvian style

Hermana Meneses

Some of the food they sold

A fair that nobody goes too? haha

Her dad's birthday is this week!

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Room

So I don't want to send a way long email this week, so I'll just tell you here that Hno Hubert, our convert that drank again, is going to church again and he wants to have an appointment with the bishop as soon as he can but now we have another problem. He lives in another ward's boundaries. We will have to work with him until he has enough self confidence to move to his own ward.  The problem is that he doesn't have any family and he doesn't know any of the members of his ward and he is basically family of a family in our ward. He is over at their house every day and he goes to church with them every Sunday. This is gonna be hard.

So this is our new room!!! We are living in a little room in a huge house. The family we are living with aren't members but they are the sweetest people ever! They have a yard, which is unheard of here and we are upstairs so we don't eat dirt like we used to when we study! The Street is called Pachacutic. Two blocks up is where the church is and they are working on putting in an actual street instead of dirt! I'm so excited for it to be done haha it's no fun having to empty your shoes every five minutes from all of the sand 
collage above Hermana Favero's bed

top bunk again

study area

cute yard

door to their room

street they live on