Monday, September 1, 2014

New Room

So I don't want to send a way long email this week, so I'll just tell you here that Hno Hubert, our convert that drank again, is going to church again and he wants to have an appointment with the bishop as soon as he can but now we have another problem. He lives in another ward's boundaries. We will have to work with him until he has enough self confidence to move to his own ward.  The problem is that he doesn't have any family and he doesn't know any of the members of his ward and he is basically family of a family in our ward. He is over at their house every day and he goes to church with them every Sunday. This is gonna be hard.

So this is our new room!!! We are living in a little room in a huge house. The family we are living with aren't members but they are the sweetest people ever! They have a yard, which is unheard of here and we are upstairs so we don't eat dirt like we used to when we study! The Street is called Pachacutic. Two blocks up is where the church is and they are working on putting in an actual street instead of dirt! I'm so excited for it to be done haha it's no fun having to empty your shoes every five minutes from all of the sand 
collage above Hermana Favero's bed

top bunk again

study area

cute yard

door to their room

street they live on

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