Monday, September 22, 2014

New Companion!

So Hermana Favero started her little chat with me by asking me if I was ready to be a grandma! Of course I knew she was messing with me.  It was her way of telling me that she is going to be getting a brand new companion straight from the MTC.  Hermana Favero will be training her! This new comp is also from the US!! She is so excited and we are so happy for her.  This is the really short email she sent today:

I got the Bleazard`s package! And this week Hna Waite and I had exchanges! Together again but in the field! Super fun!!!!!! Sorry for the shortness this week I'm just all over the place because my comp has to say bye to everyone. I'll write more next week I promise. 

Package from the Bleazards

exchanges with Hermana Waite

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  1. So your new companion will be your "daughter". I love the mission jargon. You will be a great trainer. thanks for sharing. Sister Brown (the neighbor)