Monday, June 16, 2014

Sickness and Priesthood Blessings

Wow this week went fast! I think I say that every week! How is everyone!? Gosh I'm always so happy to get to email you all!

So my feet are much better! They are healing really fast! You guys are the best for getting me new shoes! and Neil is the best for suggesting them! I love that you dont want to stop mothering me Mommy! I need it! :P

Tell Autumn that I am very happy for her and that I said congrats! Crazy how many of my friends are already or are soon to be married!

Give Tinky a kiss for me...if she will let you and tell her that I'm sorry about the torture. I'm sure she went back to normal within the next few days. It's so good to hear about Indy! Tell daddy I totally understand! I would feel the same way!

I loved seeing the pics of the Truck Rodeo! I'm so glad you went Mommy! It looked like you all had a ton of fun! Im sad I missed it!

I still haven't recieved the package but I'm sure I will. No worries.

So my ward is awesone! We are pretty big too! Everyone is so extremely loving! This last Friday, I got pretty sick and we had a fun ward mission night we were supposed to go to but Hermana Torres and I weren't able to go. The next day, almost every member we saw gabe me a huge hug (who could) and asked me how I was doing. Mommy, you don't have to worry, I have a ton of people here lined up to take care of me! First is my pensionista! She brought me food and warm drinks and she even went out to buy me pills to get rid of my feaver! Then at the end of the night her son called and wanted to make sure I was alright for the night. He is so cool! A couple of days ago he told mi compi and I that we are angels and that we are the best thing for this ward. Its things like that that keep me going!

Also, The elders came over to give me a blessing! The Priesthood is soo powerful! I was completely better the next day! I love it!

Today we said goodbye to the missionaries who are going home tomorrow. So many missionaries were there and I finally got to see Hermana Kennedy!!! We were sooo happy! In fact, our whole group from the CCM was there! what an awesome reunion!

Anywhoo, I will go for now but I love you all soooooo much! Hope you have an amazing week!!!!!

Con mucho mucho amor!!! Hermana Favero

reunion with Hermana Kennedy

in bed sick

Just like at home

with Hermana Torres and the Elders


I believe this is one of those bike taxi things

trip to Tucume



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