Monday, March 9, 2015

11 months!

Hola Familia!!!
 I can't believe you fell Mommy!!! Whatever happened to "don't stand on the counter! You'll fall!" when we were younger?:P  I would have freaked out too! I hope you're feeling better! I'm so excited to see the house! 

WOW the new missionary sounds awesome!! I've found that the missionaries who involve the members has so much more success than a missionary who just goes to the dinner appointments and only leaves a little message. Working with the ward is so stinking important!
I'm not sure if I'm ok with Kagun growing up so fast! He needs to stop!!! 
I'm so proud of Kaitlyn!! That's exactly what she needs to do!! Don't give up, Just stand up!! 

I'm sooo happy that Destinee has been going to church! Tell her to write me!!! 

Ok now for the questions!
1. My biggest challenge this week was probably when my comp was having a hard time. She has been really stressed lately. She has gotten a ton better but it was tough while it lasted. 

2. My biggest success was probably finding Natali this week! She was an old contact and we decided to go search for her. She is 20 years old with a little baby boy and she is super sweet!  We had a lesson with her yesterday and she said yes to our baptismal invitation! I could see her progressing soo much! 

3. My favorite person this week was probably Hna Kennedy! We had exchanges this week and just being able to teach with her in the real thing was awesome!! She and I caught up and I felt like I really have progressed! I just love her! 

4. Tender mercy was probably getting these two letters in the mail! One is from Elizabeth Martinson and Hannah Hill! They warmed my heart and made me feel super loved !!! I remember writing to missionaries when I was little and now I'm the one being written to! It was the best surprise in the world!!! 

5. Something I'm looking forward to this next coming week is probably teaching the three investigators we have who are potentially progressing. I really hope everything goes well with them! 

6. My goal for next week is going to be just to try to come up with better invitation questions for our lessons. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a broken record and I need to get out of that rut haha

7. My favorite scripture this week was probably D&C 84:82-85. It helped my companion and I this week! 
 Well thats all for this week I hope everyone is well and I hope you know that I love you to the moon and back!!! Stay strong!!  I love you more!!! 

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