Monday, March 2, 2015

Childhood songs

Yeah so I still run around singing Barney, Dragon Tales, and Sesame Street songs haha :P
So my birthday was fun! We went to a really pretty garden place and then to the welcome to Jaen sign to take pics then we went to the pension of the elders and made cookies!! My pension didn't do anything but that's alright. It was a very nice and relaxing birthday! 
Throughout the week we didn't have a ton happen. We did end up getting the elders to eat the hottest peppers ever! It was sooo funny!!! 

We are teaching this lady named Cecilia and she is really cool! She has some problems with her boyfriend who lives with her (common occurence here) so it's gonna be a toughy. We can do it tho!! She also has a hard time with prayer. We keep telling her that God loves her and that she will see blessings if she starts to do it so I hope she starts to progress a little more. 

Jose, the man we have been working with will hit one year of being taught by the sisters in April so we decided that it's probably best if he goes to the elders. It was sooo hard to make that decision but we really have to think of the people and their salvation before us. He will make it! I know it! 
Anywhoo this week is kinda short but I want you all to know that you are all amazing and that I love you sooo much!! Never forget that God loves you!!!! 

This is the scent of the air fresheners we use at home.  She said, "Now I can smell home!"
We have been so blessed.  Every package we have sent has gone straight to her without any problems!

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