Monday, May 26, 2014

Hermana Favero's new area is La Victoria!

Hermana Favero's new Pday is Monday.  It was so good to hear from her!

Familia Y Amigos!!!

Oh my goodness! This place is so cool! Ugh I have so much to say but only like an hour or less to say it! I had to write President Risso first.

Anyway... My companion is so amazing! Her name is Hermana Torres and she is from Honduras. She speaks very very little English! Before I got here, I was hoping for a North American comp but now that I'm with her, I wouldn't have it any other way. She has been here for about 6 months and her first area was Cajamarca! I really wanted to go there first but I love my area!

The name of my area is La Victoria. Its total dirt/sand and there is trash everywhere! Its not a pretty place but I love it all the same! The people here are the best! Everyone just loves the Hermanas! I've been whistled at I don't know how many times but I don't let it get to me!

Here in Peru, we have pensionistas (basically someone that takes care of us). Ours is the best!!!! She makes the best food and she does our laundry for us! When we go over there, we eat with her and her family. Her son and daughter in-law live with her and her husband and they have 2 little kids, Samantha and Jorge. They are the best family! I love them to death!!!! Our pensionista's son speaks some English so we talk to each other some.

Oh! speaking of English!  We have a lot of youth here who want to learn English so starting this Saturday I'm going to teach! Crazy!!!! And my Spanish is soooo much better! I'm forced to look up the words I don't know to talk to my companion, our investigators and a member named Brian. Brian is 20 years old and he was just baptized like two months ago. He is a ward missionary so he is with us a lot. He is thinking about serving a mission but has lots of doubts. I know he would be awesome though!

Anyhoo.... so in my district, I'm the only white person!!! But in my zone, there are lots! I'm so blessed because Hermana Waite is in my zone! We see each other a lot and we freak out everytime!

When we walk in the streets, I hear Salena songs soo often! It keeps me sane haha also, we are really close to an Air Force base so I hear jets and planes take off every day! It reminds me of grandpa and Uncle Walt! I love small, tender mercies from the Lord!
 Anyway... I've gotta go... no more time!  I love you all and I hope all is well! You all are in my prayers! Until next week!!!
                                                   Love Hermana Favero

Hermana Favero with President Risso and his wife

new companion Hermana Torres

Hermanas at the mission home

Hermana Favero's desk, good to see little things from home


top bunk again

flight from Lima to Chiclayo

getting off the plane

safe and sound

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  1. Hermana Favero. Gracias, por tu e-mail. Love all the news from your mission. You are in our prayers.
    Love, the neighbors, the Browns