Monday, November 3, 2014

Knocking on Doors

 This week was a lot better! We found a new family and I really have high hopes for them!! We decided to just knock on doors for like an hour and a half and it worked! We knocked on the last door and a lady opened and just let us in. She was worried about us being cold. We sat down and it was a little dark in her house so we weren't all that comfortable. Then it got weirder when her husband came walking in. (this area is all cops and their families.) He looked a little rough around the edges and so we were a little nervous at first. Then they started to just talk to us like we were old friends and the lady told us that they aren't the type of people to just trust right off the bat. She said she doesn't know why she opened the door so freely for us. I was thinking " I know why!!" hehe we found out that they had a hard time having kids for the longest time and finally God gave them a little girl. We are going back this week so wish us luck! 
 Today was super fun! We got together as two districts and made a Mexican lunch!!! It was soooo good! I miss tortillas sooo much and we made home made ones!!!! I'll send pics next week! 
 So the men continue to bug us! Even more now that we are both white! You would gag at the things they do and say! I dont know that most things are and I'm glad I don't. I'm starting to catch on though and I'm not happy about it haha 
 Anywhoo... I'll be done for this week but I hope everyone is doing well!!! I love you alll soooooooo much! Until next week! 

Samantha...I think

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