Monday, June 8, 2015

Back to Chiclayo!

Hermana Favero didn't send a long email this week but here are a few things she shared with me.  I got the pics from Google Earth.  

I'm back in Chiclayo in an area called Fredrico Villa Real in the Latina zone and I am a sister leader!!!!!!!

It's nothing like Jaen lol. It's almost the center of Chiclayo. We have Tottus (mall) in our area and it's all really nice and paved! Look it up on google earth. The chapel is on the corner of Garcilazo de la Vega and 7 de Enero. Or you can look up the big mall thing I told you about a few months back. We live like a street away from it haha. 

So we have zones,  like Jaen is a zone and La Victoria is a zone. Latina is the zone I'm in right now. The zones are named after the stakes.

My companion is Hna Gonzales!! Another Latina finally!!! She is from Bolivia!! 

Oh the trip was awful!! 6 hours of just sitting! They had movies playing and I had to force myself to not watch! And I can't sleep on buses haha my stomach hurt like none other too! The good thing was that we were in the really nice part of the bus and we had AC! haha and the view was amazing!

My comp has been out the same time as me!! we are gonna be going home together.

On our house, the cream part is where we go in to eat. It's our pensionista's house but we live on the corner on the third floor. The whole thing is her house though.

Chapel in Hermana Favero's new area 

shopping mall, apparently they sell everything here

Hermana Favero's new home.  Top floor 

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