Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Hello friends and family!!!  I am so grateful for all of you!! Thank you for being sooo supportive and amazing!  I miss you all so much and I hope your 4th of July was a great day!  I love you all!!!!!!

1.  My biggest challenge this week has been adjusting to my companion, calling and area.  We are almost done with the transfer but I am still adjusting to everything.  Being in the middle of Chiclayo is very weird to me.  I'm used to having small areas and being able to memorize all of the streets in 4 weeks or so.   Here it is completely different.  I will never live in a big city! My calling makes me very stressed.  I don't know how to be a leader of a bunch of girls.  I don't even like girls! haha  I'm very grateful for the trust God has in me but sometimes I feel like it may be ill placed.  And my companion....we are just very different.  I love her very much, but sometimes there's no winning with her.  OK, enough venting!

2.  My biggest concern has honestly been about the house.  I just want the best for our family.  Knowing that everyone is worried about it makes me worried too.

3.  My/our biggest success this week has probably been finding a great family, Carlos and Vanessa.  They have 2 little boys and they are very interested in learning.  We have been working very hard on finding new people and every night we are completely pooped!  It's a good tired though.  We feel good! 

4.  My favorite person has definitely been my Savior.  He has helped me get through some pretty dark days. There is no doubt in my heart that he knows me and he loves me.  

5.  My most significant tender mercy was when my companion and a family in our ward surprised me with a mini 4th of July celebration!  The pictures tell it all!  I really needed it that day!

6.  Something I've looked forward to is our leadership training tomorrow.  I get to see all of the sisters from my MTC district!  All but one.  I love getting to see them! 

7.  My big goal for this next week is to try really hard to be totally focused (mind, body and heart) in the work.  It'll be difficult, I've gotta do it!  

8.  Scripture of the week D&C 127:2

No matter what people think of us, all that matters is what our Father in Heaven thinks.  I know that he loves me and that he is proud of me.  

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