Monday, August 4, 2014

Tender Mercies

Hola familia y amigos!
 So I got all of my pics that I lost back so I will send them next week! 
 How is everyone!? I have been praying for Kaitlyn like crazy! I keep thinking back to when I was in pain 24/7 and wishing I could go back in time and I wish now that I could be there to help her! Be there to cry with her and laugh at her too haha ;P I'll continue to pray for her and everyone else too lol ;P
  This week I had a lot of ups! We found a new family who really wants to learn! They are a really young family with three little boys all under the age of 7! Two of them are twins. They are little devils! We have to go to their little house when the kids are napping or the Spirit can't be felt by anyone! The Hermana is Catholic and was baptized as a baby. She had a dream the other night and it kind of made her think twice about us. She dreamed that two really black, scary dogs were chasing her trying to kill her and another dog (light brown) came in and killed them both saving her. She took that as God telling her that she shouldn't change her religion. She thought that the two black dogs represented Hermana Meneses and I. We explained to her that God doesn't want to scare us to answer our prayers. He only answers in simple, beautiful ways. Things like her dream are not from God. The enemy is always trying to confuse us. I think that helped. We have a long path ahead of us with them because they aren't married yet. The people here think of marriage as a bad thing. Like if they get married, they will be unhappy. Like a trap. Yeah we are really needed here! 
  Then the other day,  we were in one of the little corner stores, that are everywhere, here and a little girl looked at me and whispered to her dad "mira Barbie!" She called me Barbie! That made me feel super good! It's little things like that that keep me going! Also, the family that we just reactivated out of the blue invited us to their family home evening ! They are doing so good! I have been seeing so many more miracles and tender mercies this past week. It's still so dang hard but I'm chugging along. I'll get there! Keep praying for me! Lord knows I need it haha ;P 
        Well that's all for this week! I hope you all have an amazing week! Have faith and remember that you are a child of God! I love you all sooooo much!!!!!! 
                                     Hasta la siguiente lunes!   Hermana Favero  

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