Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chinese Food

Hey everyone!!! 
Sorry for not writing last week! I really just wanted to make sure I could talk to mommy for her birthday. These last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy! Mostly last week actually, this week has been kinda boring. Maybe I can express it all best by answering the questions...

1. Biggest challenge...hmmm well our numbers were a big challenge these last couple of weeks.. por ejemplo... on the 18th the elders had a baptism and of course we were told the day of about it lol Elder Miranda asked me if I would talk on the Holy Ghost so I had to get all of that together throughout the day, on top of that, the zone leaders called me to the stake center to sign some papers and then we had to go to the doctor for Hna Brogan and her weird bump thing on her shoulder lol so long story short, we didn't have the numbers we wanted that day :P Here in the mission, just like at work or school, when you have a low day, the rest of the week is even tougher lol. That's why you gotta be diligent all the time! 

2. Biggest concern... so this one is pretty funny! so apparently the members here in Peru don't really know how to keep the Sabbath Day holy... last Sunday, the elders wanted Chinese food for Elder Nordhoff's birthday so our pensionista , her family(which is also the bishops family) us and the elders went to a Chinese place to eat for lunch! So yeah we were big time sinners last Sunday :P In or defense, if we hadn't gone, we wouldn't have eaten so I didn't know what to do :P oops lol

3. Biggest success..last Sunday we had 6 investigators at church! That's more than I have ever had at church in my whole mission! Then this week we had two. Less but still great! Also we have a baptism set for the 16th for Hna Flor! I'll explain more about her on Mother's Day! 
We are really seeing blessings in our area and people are really starting to progress! 

4. My favorite person this week... I'm gonna be boring on this one this week. Everyone here is sooo amazing! I'm very happy to be here in Sunny Jaen still even though its soooooo stinkin hot!!! 
Soooo I'm out of time this week so I'll send the rest next week. I love you all soooo much! Thank you for all of your support and putting up with my stinky emails haha just a little over 5 months to go! 
  Con mucho amor! Hna Favero

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