Monday, May 4, 2015

5 More Months!

Hey you guys!!! So on Mother's Day, I'll be skyping around 5 Peru time so be ready!! I'm sooo excited to talk to you guys!!!!

So just to let you know, Ashlee going home affected me more than I thought it would as well! I'm not even there and it hit me hard! And now Austin is home!! Crazy!!  haha I just can't wait till its my turn!
I am soooo proud of Kaitlyn!!! I'm sooo happy you won!!!! You're gonna be an amazing pres!!!!
So this week was full of emotions! The mission is really hard sometimes but I've gotta keep pushing on to bring souls unto Christ!!!
Question time!
 1. My biggest challenge this week has probably been my own thoughts. Settling down to the last 5 months of my mission has really taken a tole on me. There are days when I'm super motivated and days when I just feel like I can't go anymore. The little things keep me going however. Like the really spirit filled lessons, mission night activities,and people who show up to church! I know that as I keep my head toward the eternal goal of our Heavenly Father, I can make it though! 
2. My biggest concern this week has been our numbers. When your comp is sick, you can't really do much. I know that numbers aren't everything but that's the way president knows if we are working hard or now. This week I'm planning on working my booty off to find more of God´s children to teach! 
3. our biggest success had to be getting through a lesson about the Sabbath Day with an Adventista family. Adventistas are some of the hardest people to teach in my opinion because they think similarly to us but very differently at the same time. They believe that the Sabbath Day is Saturday. They are stuck in the Old Testament times when it comes to that subject. The husband of the family asked about why we keep Sunday as the Sabbath Day. We taught them with the Bible a lot and they ended up just staying quiet and humble about what we said. We invited them to ponder and pray about it to know if it's true along side the restoration and they accepted the commitment. We see lots of potential in them!! 
4. My favorite person this week has got to be Flor! she is seriously an angel sent from heaven! She is such a blessing for Hna brogan and I. I can't wait to tell you guys about her more on Sunday!!
5. My mot significant tender mercy was probably being able to change rooms. Our last room was really not good for missionaries or the dignity of our calling like it says in the missionary handbook. There was mold growing everywhere on the walls and we had bugs like crazy every night.
6. Something I'm looking forward to for this next week is definitely talking to you all!!! Make sure you have lots of questions for me so we have lots to talk about!!! 
7. A goal I have for this next week and the rest of the mission is to really start getting my booty in shape to look and feel the best I can when I get home!! I cant wait for family pics!!! 
8. Scripture of the week...Alma 6:6 
We as a distrct decided it would be a good idea to fast for the people we have been teaching who have baptism dates. This fast Sunday was the hardest one for me. I know that Satan was tempting me so much because of the reason we were fasting. Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that when we fast, and we keep our eyes and hearts in the purpose of the fast, we will overcome the temptations of the evil one. Luke 4:1-12
I love you guys soooo much and I cannot wait to see you all on Sunday!! Pray it will work well so we can have a good time just talking!    

                                          Con mucho amor!!  

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