Monday, May 18, 2015

I knew in that very moment that God is pleased with me...

Familia!  This week was full of spiritual ups!  I love it when I have good things to tell you guys!  I'll explain it all in the questions/answers.

1.  My biggest challenge this week...hmmm this week wasn't really bad in that way.  Of course we had our hard days but all in all we had a really good week.

2.  My biggest concern this week was definitely if the sacrifice I've given so far in the mission has been acceptable to my Heavenly Father.  See #8

3.  My favorite people this week were Pres and Hna Williams.  They came up for a zone conference and we had interviews with both of them.  I'm so grateful that we have that time one on one with them.  With Pres Williams we talked about the family, how we are selling our house and just how far I've come.  I absolutely love my interviews with him.  I'm always so uplifted afterward. My interview with Hna Williams was very much needed!  She reminds me so much of mommy and when we talk we just talk about everything!  I told her about my hard times, my successes, my worries and everything in between.  Our 15 minute interview probably ended up being like 25 minutes.  She's the best! 

5.  My most significant tender mercy this week was when Hna Williams came with us to a lesson.  We were the last ones to have interviews with her and President went with the Elders to their lesson so Hna Williams tagged along with us.  Her Spanish is still shakey but she is so amazingly full of the Spirit that it doesn't even matter.  Our investigator really felt that what she was saying had meaning and it helped us with her a lot.  It also gave us some time to get to know her a little bit better.  She got mugged here in Jaen.  Don't worry....they didn't get away with anything.  She also went back to the hotel and told President all about our lesson and told him that we taught perfectly.  The next day, President congratulated us and made me feel very accomplished.  

6.  What I'm looking forward to this week is Hna Flor's baptism for sure!  She has come such a long way!  She will be such an amazing member of the church and I'm so grateful for the priviledge of being able to teach her!

7.  A goal I have for this week is to write down all the new words I learn throughout the day in my planner.  I've gotten to the point where I'm kinda boring with my vocab.  I need more words to use!

8.  The scripture with the biggest impact this week was the Book of Ruth.  I decided to read it cuz it had been a while since I had read the story.  I was reading with my concern (see #2) in mind.  When I got to chapter 2, I was definitely answered by God.

Ruth and Naomi, her mother in law, had lost their husbands so Naomi wanted Ruth to go back to her family where she is from to maybe start over and have a family.  Ruth, being a convert to the gospel and a daughter in law who loved her mother in law, refused to leave her side.  They went back to where Naomi was from and Ruth began working for a man named Boaz.  Her job was to glean ears of corn in his fields.  She worked very hard and was diligent in her reaping.  Boaz was very pleased with her hard work.  She was confused as to why he was so kind to her and treated her so well.  

In verse 11-12 I really felt a strong warmth about me.  It says...
I knew in that very moment that God is pleased with me.  He is so happy that I have left everything to work with his children among people I do not know. 

I also now have a stronger testimony of the scriptures!  They really do answer questions! 

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