Monday, May 25, 2015

Flor's Baptism!!

This week was so good!  So many feel-good moments for sure!

1.  My biggest challenge-um again...I don't think anything was more challenging than normal.  The mission is starting to just feel really good and accomplishing!

2.  My biggest concern this week was something that I think was not a concern for Hna Brogan.  I've been worried that once Flor was baptized the ward wouldn't step in like they should.  I haven't had the best of luck in the past with this and so I was kinda scared but in the end everything turned out great! 

3.  Biggest success....Hna Flor is a member!!!!  We made sure the baptismal service was as beautiful as possible for her with really good talks, a musical number by the missionaries and lots of members there.  She was so nervous and excited and we were by her side the whole time.  Her husband and his two girls were able to be there too, which helped!  When she came out of the water, she was all worried if she did it wrong or not.  So sweet! At the end, she shared her testimony and it was so powerful!  She didn't stand there and just thank everyone for being there but really bore a strong testimony about the church and The Book of Mormon.  She is now getting herself ready to go to the temple and be sealed to her husband. I'm so grateful I was able to see her all the way through the conversion process unto the waters of baptism.  This is why I'm out here!

4.  My favorite person this week was probably Hna Doris, our pensionista.  There's not really a specific reason, I just love her a lot!  She is one of the people I'll miss most when I leave this place!

5.  My most significant tender mercy was definitely after Flor's baptism.  Her husband turns to me and whispers, "You have one sin less today"  It's not doctrine but it made me feel super good inside.  It really helped me know that all I do makes a real difference. 

6.  Something I'm looking forward to this week is finding out if I'll be transferred or not.  Saturday they let us know and if I'll be leaving, I head out on Monday around 1 my time.  I love it here and I would be sad to leave a lot of people but I feel like it's time for another change.

7.  A goal of mine for this week is to take as many random pictures as I can, while staying focused on the work of course.  I want lots of pictures when I get home to share with everyone!

8.  Scripture with the biggest impact this week was probably Mosiah 18:8-9.  I was reminded a lot this week of the covenants I've made with God and I am so grateful I have! I'm so happy I have the knowledge I have! 



Beautiful Jaen,  Beautiful Hna Favero

random pics

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