Tuesday, April 22, 2014

 Hermana Favero's 3rd email! 
She is really struggling with Spanish.  She is asking for prayers. Emails of encouragement would be great! She doesn't have much time to email people back, but it's so important to her to hear from you. 

 Phew!! Boy do I have a story for you! Saturday, we went proselyting for the first time! we were all paired up with another comp and were given one hour to plan for three hours of teaching. everyone else had latino comps but I was put with hna hoskins! She is so sweet and she is an amazing singer! She is from Orem and knows a lot of spanish! Im so grateful i was put with her! she has been here two weeks longer than me but that was the first time she had gone out to proselyte too! she was just as nervous as me!
     So we got out to the lima north mission and we were put with either a member of the branch, a teacher from the CCM, or a missionary already out in the field. Hna hoskins and i were put with a member and once we got out there, everything was going great! I didnt talk a lot but i did bear my testimony a few times. we ended up with two other members so naturally, we couldnt get a lot of words in. the last house we went to was the home of a less active man and when we were waiting for him to open the door, this really friendly man came walking up to us. he took hna hoskin´s hand like he was going to shake it and he kissed it! all of the members pulled him away and told her that he was drunk. I didnt hear them when they said that and so i let the drunk man take my hand. I told myself that I was going to keep it away from his mouth but before i could pull away, he started kissing my cheek!! Ugh it was sooo nasty! :P Everyone started freaking out and when we were all done talking to the man we were there for, they all kept saying "Lo siento! lo siento"
it was soo funny! I came back and told my district about it. we all laughed about it for a good five minutes! Im really glad im not staying in lima for my mission! Chiclayo should be a lot better!
Everyone keeps telling me that chiclayo has the best food! Super excited!!!!!!
      Anyhoo... I love seeing pictures of everyone!! I love you all sooo much!!! Keep praying for me!!!  I need it haha stay safe and know that i pray for you every day!!! You all need to write me!!! i love getting emails!!! Again, I love you all and I hope you have an amazing rest of your week!!!
                                                Always, Hermana Favero
Roommates that left the CCM today (the two on the left)

CCM (Missionary Training Center)

Street on the way to the store

Lima Temple with her companions

Her district at the temple with one of their teachers

sweet goodbye notes from the roommates that left today


Pday casual dress

Ties she bought for her dad and brother

Yep, this one made me cry! 

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