Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Krysta's 2nd email!! This mom has never been more proud! Seeing her glow with happiness and The Spirit is what is keeping me so strong.  

   I have about 45 minutes now to try to write as much as I possibly can and idk if ill be able to get it all on here... so the elder that was at the airport is now in my district and he is awesome! we have one elder companionship and three hermana companionships! I have two companions and I love them!!! we get along so well!!! Hermana kennedy with the curly hair is from north carolina and hermana waite is from arizona. elder sandholtz, the one from the airport is in uncle ted´s ward!!! so crazy! the CCM is amazing! all of our teachers are latino so we are always straining to understand what they are saying. I am struggling with spanish but ive gotten much better since the first day. This is seriously the hardest thing i have ever done but hearing from mommy about all of the amazing things that have been happening, I know that it is all worth it! Almost all of the hermanas in my district are going to chiclayo! we could easily be companions! I really hope i dont cry reading all of my emails every pday cuz ugh this is bad! :P so we went to the temple today!!! such an amazing experience!!! we used the headsets and we saw the other new video! satan is the guy that plays in the Saratov Approach and that other churchy movie! soo weird! we also went to the store! I did get to exchange money so dont worry. i got my shampoo and conditioner and i got some cool snacks to try!!! sooo awesome! travel here is sooo different! people drive like mad men and the busses are insane!!! im so grateful that i live in the US right now lol! ugh im all over the place and i know im missing some things but i keep looking up at the timer and it feels like it is counting down to my death! haha I just want you all to know that I miss you all so much!!! I love you and i also want you to know that I know that the church is true now more than ever!!! I am so blessed to be able to come here and still be able to hear about your week. Im sorry i havent said all i want to say but again i cant express enough how much i love you all!!!! I hope you have an amazing week!!!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Always, Hermana Favero

Approaching Lima, Peru

Hermana Favero's bunk, she's number 1! In my book anyway

I can't read this, all I know is it is signed by the president and it show's that she will be home October 8, 2015!! 

Lima, Peru Temple

Temple again

Her district

Her companions, Hermana Kennedy and Hermana Waite

Lima MTC (Missionary Training Center), or CCM in Spanish

My beautiful missionary!

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