Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Krysta was allowed 5 minutes to email her family today and let us know she is well! Her official PDay (preparation day) is Tuesday.  That is when she will be able to read and answer any emails. I know many of you are wondering how she is so I am posting her email. 

My amazing family!!!
     I only have five minutes to write so I just want to tell you that I have made it safely to the CCM!! I am so blessed to have you all as my family!!! Daddy, thank you so much for teaching me what you have about missions! I have been reflecting on a lot of the memories you have told me about throughout my life and it has helped me even in just one day. Mommy, you have no idea how much your letter helped me last night! I really needed a goodnight hug and your letter was almost as good :) I miss you all soooo much already! I want to let the twins and Kagun know that I love you oh so much and I am praying for you every day!
      I already have so many emails to read but im going to do that on my Pday which is on Tuesdays. I have a few pictures that I´ll send on Tuesday but I may need a new camera haha mine is not very good I have come to find out. K im out of time but i love you all and ill talk to you on tuesday!!!
                                                                       Love always, Hermana Favero

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