Monday, October 6, 2014

The gift of tongues

Oh my goodness!!!! I love all of the pics!!!!!! Everyone looks sooo good!!! 
So about mi hija! Hermana Rochette is from Idaho and she is amazing! She is fresh from the CCM! I feel like I'm looking back in time at myself in the beginning! Her Spanish isn't that great but she is working so hard to get it! I can't believe that I'm training already! I've only been in the field a little over 4 months!!! I feel like God has way too much trust in me sometimes! We'll be alright haha we`ll learn together.
So we are teaching this family ( Familia Suarez) and they are awesome! They love having us over and they have been coming to church with us but they won't commit to a date to be baptized! They tell us that they have to prepare more. It's super frustrating but we'll get'em! :P
The other day, a kid sitting on the sidewalk stopped us and asked us what we teach. We were really surprised! No one has ever done that before! We gave him a contact card and wrote down his address. Sadly, he doesn't live in our area but we've got friends everywhere so someone will get him haha. 
Also, something else that has changed is the ward council! They have finally started working like a ward council! Before, they just argued and only a few people would go! Now, they are actually giving ideas and all of the presidencies of all of the organizations come!!! We're actually going to get stuff done now! 
So with my new responsibility, my mind is in every place at once! These past few days have been crazy but when we are in lessons, I feel the gift of tongues working so much! With out that gift and the Spirit with me, I'm not sure what we would do. 
Anywhoo... I hope everyone is doing great and everyone is happy!!!! Never forget that just because you don't have a missionary name tag, doesn't mean you aren't a missionary!!! Share this "good news" with everyone you can! I love you all soo very much and I'll talk to you all next week!!!!!

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