Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas!

This was sent on Christmas day

Next week I'll have more to write you all!  

The top 9 are of me saying goodbye to all my friends in La Victoria!  It was super hard!!! I love them sooo much!!!

The rest are of me and my new companion here in Jaen!  It's super duper hot here!  We are visiting some old men in a nursing home and they are the cutest little old men in the world!  Then me with our Christmas dinner!  Before they killed it haha.  The lady in the one pic is my new Pensionista!  She is the best!  We live across the street from them so it's awesome!  Then this morning when I was opening all of my presents from the fam!  Thank you for everything!!!  I'm sooo grateful for all of you!  I hope you have an amazing Christmas and week!! 

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